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Lindiwe - Falling In Love UPD

Zolani really thought he had met the love of his life after Emma came into the picture. He was head over heels in love with her very early on and made his intentions clear. There was no doubting that this man was willing to risk it all to build a life with Emma.

Lindiwe - Falling In Love

I also started a challenge during lockdown called #30DaysOfEditorials where I recreated magazine editorials I loved. It started as an outlet for my creativity and frustrations after moving to a new country, being alone and not being able to work or create with others during the lockdown. It quickly became so much more.

Damilola Adejonwo: The future of beauty is progressive and bright. Despite the pandemic that has affected the beauty industry this year, I still see there being a big opportunity for beauty to gravitate to more people. Men are now being involved in taking care of themselves with male grooming and women are also falling in love with make-up more every single day, it looks like beauty will become a huge essential soon.

Shavonté Dill: Beauty is a mindset, how you view yourself and others, ugly doesn't exist. Beauty is being comfortable in your own skin. Beauty is learning to love yourself on the good and the bad days. Beauty is treating others with respect and kindness.

Dominique Allison: I would love to spotlight @sibyllete, she creates very satisfying and relaxing content taking macro videos of her applying make-up. I would also love to spotlight @rafiqahakhdar as she creates stunning make-up tutorials and her amazing personality always shines through! Lastly, I would love to spotlight @tyrajanea as she creates beautiful, flawless make-up looks!

It makes me wish my dad was here. Each time she acts like this. My father lives in New Orleans. Works there and stuff. Sometimes I think he's found a new woman. But I trust my father sometimes though. He loves my mom. 041b061a72


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