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Victor Martin
Victor Martin

Tight Tiny Teens

Midday, our group met with a naturalist and learned about the lives of dolphin at Discovery Cove. I sat on a manicured shore as the kids and Grandma Mary waded into the water and one by one, had their dolphin experience. They began with mammal-to-mammal kisses before the kids and Grandma Mary took turns holding on tight as a dolphin swam with them across the lagoon.

tight tiny teens

My junior year was one of my most important years of high school. I had an awesome year, except for one tiny thing: I wiped out on the cafeteria floor and my right kneecap was dislocated once again. I couldn't believe it happened; luckily, it wasn't on the knee that had been operated on already. My dad is a physical education teacher at my school, so he was able to get there pretty quickly and put my knee back into place while I was lying there. Once it was back in I felt better, until I noticed a sharp pain. 041b061a72


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