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[S6E7] Middle Man ((HOT))

The Christies are convinced Claire is indeed a witch because of her emergency caesarean section, and being the first to find the body. Tom insists that Malva be buried in the middle of nowhere as she was unmarried and pregnant. Jamie insists Malva and her baby boy are given a Christian burial. Many of the Ridge residents believe Claire killed Malva because of jealousy and or witchcraft. Hiram Crombie, the Bugs, and Obadiah Henderson all add fuel to the fanfiction and conspiracy theory fire.

[S6E7] Middle Man

The episode opens with Huck and Meg sparring. They are interrupted by Charlie and Quinn Perkins. Apparently, Olivia Pope is missing. Huck checks his phone and realizes he has a message from Olivia. He leaves and drives out to the middle of nowhere where Olivia is waiting for him. She tells him that she has a favor to ask. She tells him that she needs him to kill her father.

After their unexpected success at RussFest, thanks largely to an AI written using their middle-out compression, Pied Piper gets offered a deal by AT&T and is set to launch their network out to the US. However, Richard discovers a glaring flaw from an astute observation that leads them to realize their network is capable of cracking even the most secure of encryption and thus, needs to be shut down for the betterment of humanity. The resulting events see them wrestle with, then accept and finally attempt to implement a plan to sabotage their own launch event so they could get AT&T to reject the deal.

In the middle of nowhere, Ty is trying to fix the overheating problem with his Mercedes sedan to no avail, and momentarily considers putting a pistol round through the hood in frustration. He reconsiders and tries to find someplace where his cell phone has a signal... when it does, he calls 9-1-1.

Exhibit C: Agnes/the Butcher teleports from being unconscious on the floor of the bedroom to charging at Lee, Audrey, and Monet in the middle of the woods. Lee shoots her with the gun she snuck in (only smart one in the bunch)...but as we've already seen, guns do little to stop these killer colonial ghosts. If Agnes is truly the Butcher, she'll reappear at some point in this episode...

In the middle of the night Hal grabs Reese and drags him into the kitchen, Reese assuming he is in trouble attempts to argue against any accusations and the only reason he missed so many days of school is because his watch stopped and he thought it was Saturday all week. Hal tells him how he needs to find the perfect gift for his and Lois' upcoming anniversary and is so stressed out he cannot think straight. Reese is unsure if his father is stable or not so he tests it out by telling him his shoe is untied and he ties it except he isn't wearing shoes, Reese realizes that he is sleepwalking and decides to take advantage of it by getting Hal to get him $20 from a secret hiding place (one of the bronze fish ornaments hanging in the kitchen) before asking him to get him a sandwich with chips and a soda and purr like a cat while he eats, when Hal goes to do it with no hesitation Reese sees the amount of power he now holds.

Meanwhile, at ISIS headquarters, Malory and Lana catch up over baby AJ. The penny drops when Malory offers one hundred thousand dollars to Lana to rename Abbiejean to "Malory." Lana is outraged, but when Malory cries, Lana compromises and agrees to AJ's middle name being "Malory." The shrewd negotiator that she is, Malory accepts on the condition that the price be dropped to $22,500. She also offers $5,000 more for AJ to be Christened in a white church.

On the plane to Boise, she begins flirting with a guy in the aisle seat only to be interrupted by Martha, a James Patterson-loving woman, in the middle seat. Mindy is reading Wild, which she thinks is about a woman who goes hiking and has a sexy adventure, that she bought because Reese Witherspoon was on the cover. She gets to Boise and realizes that Martha is going to the same resort.

Spike leaves the group in the middle of the song, but Buffy goes after him. Behind the Bronze, their previous songs merge as they sing to each other. They kiss, the curtains fall, and the chorus swells one last time ("Coda"). 041b061a72


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