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Microsoft Office Word 2007 Portable Torrent: A Free and Easy Way to Access Microsoft Word without Installation

i've got the 2007 microsoft office standard, which i got for free with my computer. i'm trying to get word perfect in there, and i'm having some trouble. i'm trying to get it to show up in the "programs" folder. it's not showing up in there. i've tried dragging and dropping it into that folder, but it doesn't show up. i've tried right clicking on the word perfect icon, and then trying to add it to that folder, but that doesn't seem to work. i've tried to drag the whole folder into the folder, but that doesn't work, either. any help would be appreciated.

microsoft office word 2007 portable torrent


i am trying to install office 2007 on my x64 architecture, and i have downloaded the iso file from microsoft. i copied the whole folder to my external hard drive, and i am trying to install the setup from my external hard drive. the problem is that it's not copying everything. it's copying the setup files (wsetup.exe, dsetup.exe), but not the folders that contain the rest of the files. is there anything else that i'm missing?

i have a win7 home premium, i tried to install the office 2007 on my pc, but it doesn't work, i tried to install it through the programs and features on the office site. i have the trial version of office 2007, my registry says i can't install it. i have all the updates installed, even my antivirus, i have 2.0 in the office site.

i'm trying to find some info on the internet about the template features of office 2007. i cannot find any info. can anyone help please? i need to be able to create a template for my own personal use. thanks in advance.

the product is followed by and succeeded by micrsofts workplace 2003. both is effective at similar characteristics, but the most popular variation is ms office 2007, that is well known for its stability and adorable user interface. symbols on ui are normally arranged in a fairly mannered way and is available with hassle-free understanding and cooperation.


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