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Memories Of Life Original Mix Demarkus Lewis ((BETTER))

You may have noticed that there haven't been many c2eMusic podcasts released over the last few weeks. Initially it was due to work commitments, but more recently it was life chucking a grenade, the kind that makes you stop in your tracks and rethink, well pretty much everything. As a result there hasn't been much room in my tiny brain for music, even though listening to it keeps me sane. There is a big silver lining and I can't wait for the next chapter in life to unfold, as the title of the mix suggests what is most important to me has always been right before my eyes. Leah, my wife is the most beautiful and amazing person and I have been so lucky to have had her in my life for over 20 years. I can't wait to experience what the next 20 years have in store with her by my side. I know this podcast is all about music, but it is my podcast so if I want to tell my wife how much she means to me and how much I love her, then I will :) As you can imagine I haven't bought all that much music recently, but there is enough good stuff for just over 90 minutes of goodness. Remembering back before Pressure there was only a monthly release of 80 minutes! This is a mix of two halves, the first being on the deep and soulful tip, and the latter on the chunky side. There are a couple of favs in here for me, first being the Jill Scott Accapella over "Walberswick", I can still see myself jumping around with a huge smile on my face when i first played them together the other night. The other is what must be a c2eMusic exclusive - "Keep On Running" is originally a 111 BPM track which I've locked the key and sped up to 124! I can't get enough of it, if you hear it somewhere else, they nicked it from this mix.......that's my claim anyway!! We end with a classic from back in the day, but with a twist. Not sure when the next mix will be, possibly just another monthly in November but I can't make any promises, so you best make the most of this one! Thanks to everyone for your continued support, especially when the music isn't exactly flowing out the door as per usual.

Memories Of Life Original Mix Demarkus Lewis


The title is no reflection of the show itself, more the time of year, more recently one of my favourite times of year.Having lived on the top side most of my life along with most of you guys, I am still adjusting to life down under being out of sync with the majority when it comes to the seasons.It means that I have to watch you guys enjoying those great late light summer nights, BBQs with friends and all the outdoor music events, while I am wearing an extra layer to keep warm down here.However all that changes about now as the sunshine makes it's way back down South. It's about this time you feel a buzz in the city as people sense summer is just around the corner (if you live in Australia of course!).So when I listen to this mix it makes me think of the beach, BBQs and warm evenings down the park with my two boys. Given people listen to this all over the world it will mean something different to everyone, but that's what is so great about music. It helps capture your memories of a great spring, or autumn which can be relived simply by sitting back and pressing play.As for the show it is dominated by new tracks, but we do have a couple of old gems towards the end.The opener "Airglow Fires" is one of my favs, exactly where I like to be right now. Same with the third track "Amber Express" which has that old MCDE Raw Cuts sound, I love that stuff.There is a layer of more soulful vocal stuff next with the Brits coming up trumps with the likes of Sean McCabe, Neil Pierce, Ziggy Funk, Richard Earnshaw.We then add a bit of bounce and again I have to call out Ross Couch who has delivered with his latest E.P. "Closer". So good we have all three tracks in the show.Towards the end we see a couple of old favourites pop in with Deepstar's "Sugar" and a couple from the Sunburst Band.Great to see the regulars in the chatroom again, and to see feedback on Facebook during the show. Your support keeps me hungry to keep hunting down those nuggets to bring to you all.Finally a big thank you to the producers out there. In a digital world where it isn't easy to earn a living these days I'm sure I speak on behalf of all listeners out there in thanking you for your continued drive to create such great house music for us all to enjoy. Long may it continue.To all those heading to VBW in Spain have a great time and a big sweaty boogie for me. To say I'm jealous would be.....well you know.

This mix starts off soft and fury on the outside, but deep inside is a pumping Baltimore core. The opening track "Out of Soul" is very laid back, one for lying in the park watching the clouds roll by. "Desires of the Heart" introduces a more familiar house beat but is still nice n chilled. Mr V shows us his smooth side with "Remember Me". Atjazz is the man to watch, he just adds another dimension to deep. Couldn't choose between the dub and regular mix, so went for both of them. My little boy has a thing for the next track "Gotta Get With Him", has him in fits of laughter. One of my favourite tracks on this mix is "Again", great vocals and piano chords. We go back in time to the early 90's next with Terrence Parkers classic "The Question", followed by Victor Simonellis "Do You Feel Me", both bring back great memories. There were a ton of mixes to choose from on the next track "Never Quite The Same", to be honest I like them all, for this part of the mix and the transition required the Neil Pierce remix is the best fit. I've been trying to drop "Till You Go Home" for a few months now, but the vybe on the mix hasn't been right. Made a few adjustments to get it in this month. I go nuts every time I listen to it. If you were a fan of "Into My Life" by Elements of life from back in 08, you will love this track. It has a couple of transitions, and the last one is timeless. The mood of the mix changes again with the introduction of "Another Generation", a modern disco sound from the maestro Dave Lee. The mix then gets very tight and intense with a distinct wiff of Baltimore madness. Starting with Spen and the Muthafunkas with "Woah!". The track sounds pretty upbeat until "Sweat Shop" is introduced after which things sounds pretty dark, the contrast sounds great. Rick Wade then joins in with some filthy disco mash in "Duke Of Cologne". It's then back to Baltimore for the next three tracks, "You Can't Hide From Yourself", "K.O.N.G" and "Da Bang Banga". We all need a rest after that so we settle back down with "Universal Message" which features a great sample from Full Metal Jacket. We end almost as chilled as we started with "From Your Soul". If your a Spen and Karizma nut you should have had your fill by the time you've finished listening to this one.Tracklisting:1) Don-Ray ft Replife - Out of Soul2) Nick Holder ft Lee Anne King - Desires Of Heart3) DeepCitySoul ft Rainy Payne - Remember Me (Mr V De Ja Vu Main Mix)4) DJ Le Roi ft Andrea Love - Let It Feel Good (Atjazz Dub)5) DJ Le Roi ft Andrea Love - Let It Feel Good (Atjazz Remix)6) Agev Munsen ft Cassio Ware - Gotta Get With You (Agev Munsen Instrumental)7) Khanya Balani ft Khanyisa - Again8) Seven Grand Housing Authority - The Question9) NYs Finest - Do You Feel Me (Club Mix)10) Hippie Torales ft Rosie Gaines - Never Quite The Same (Neil Pierce Remix)11) Josh Milan ft ChinahBlac - Till You Go Home12) Joey Negro pres Akabu - Another Generation (Joey Negro Extended Mix)13) DJ Spen and the Muthafunkaz - WOAH!14) Djinji Brown - Sweat Shop15) Rick Wade - Duke Of Cologne16) Marc Evans - You Can't Hide From Yourself (DP1 Dub Break Mix)17) Karizma - K.O.N.G. (The Good Peoples Mix)18) Deepah Ones - Da Bang Banga19) Funk Mediteranean - Universal Message20) Sole Kitchen - From Your Soul (My Dreams Sole Kitchen 2010 Remix)Enjoy! 041b061a72


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