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Blackmailed For Sex Xxx

Starts of with a women going for a job interview, is shown a hardcore bdsm video from the company. She is then raped and filmed. Made to say shes a slut and he can fuck her anyway he wants to. He then tries her up against the window with a sign inviting everyone to fuck her. Returns hours later and shes been fucked repeatedly in every hole. Gives her a skimpy outfit to take bus home . Next chapter he blackmailed her with the film strip making her strip on stage and fuck the strip club bouncer etc.

Blackmailed For Sex Xxx

To make a long story short, at the age of sixteenPaula was a sensual sadistic who blackmailed two little boys into becoming her "sex slave models." She literally took hundreds of pics of her brother and I as well as two girls she babysat for and had developed an intimate sexual relationship with. Paula was and prolly still is a sexual predator.


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