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We Buy Network Equipment

Evaluate the condition of the network equipment, both in terms of physical condition (check for any defects) and performance. Check whether the network equipment is still working properly. Be honest, and list any defects and imperfections you've found.

we buy network equipment

Make sure you capture the equipment's serial number and model name (if it's visible on the product). It's also important, to be honest: if there are any defects on the product, make sure it's captured in the photos.

Once you've found a buyer, then what's left is to package and ship the network switch or other types of network equipment you are selling to the buyer. Some ITAD companies may also offer to pick up your goods on your premises, especially if you are selling in bulk.

While the answer to this question may vary depending on the type of equipment you are looking to sell, as well as other factors, here are some of the most important factors to consider when assessing the resale value of your network equipment:

When you choose Keystone for IT equipment purchasing and subsequently sell your used computer systems and networking equipment in MD or NJ, you can be confident that the data on the hard drives will not be compromised. According to industry standards, all of your data will be destroyed completely through our NY hard drive shredding, leading to quick removal of your used assets. After purchasing your equipment, you can have the peace of mind that all sensitive data relevant to your business will be destroyed using a simple process.

David Wood, CEO of Trondent Development Corp., a corporate travel software provider, said he's become a big fan of getting aftermarket gear on eBay, having landed several pieces of expensive equipment there at a fraction of its original cost.

Others, however, have horror stories of getting stuck with defective devices that vendor warranties no longer cover. A user on Meraki's community message boards recently shared a cautionary tale, reporting that he purchased a used switch for $1,000 on eBay, only to have it stop working about a month later. He learned the hard way that, when used networking equipment changes hands in an unauthorized third-party sale, vendor guarantees rarely follow the product to its new owner.

Even eBay enthusiasts like Wood say they deploy used networking equipment strategically and in select cases, in which the benefits outweigh the risks. Sagy Langer, founder and CEO of Philadelphia-based IT consultancy Networx IT Solutions, agreed, saying his team buys gray market gear for internal lab environments only.

"If they want to get comfortable with command-line configuration or using some kind of scripting tool to automate settings changes, it doesn't matter how old the stuff is," he said. "They can still learn a lot of useful networking skills that way."

But geriatric hardware won't help those studying for specific certifications on current platforms, Burke added. Franzen -- who owns and operates a network certification test prep service called AlphaPrep -- agreed, saying he advises students not to worry about working on real gear until they've landed their first job.

Langer said his team follows several best practices when buying used networking equipment on eBay or similar sites. First, they read the listing carefully, alert to any nuances that might reveal something about the seller or the gear itself. They consider overall condition, exact model, firmware version, etc., as well as the seller's reputation, reviews and geographic location.

That's why, for organizations that turn to eBay to stock up on spare gear as part of their management strategy, Burke suggests testing used networking equipment as soon as it arrives, before putting it on the shelf. If something doesn't work, they can then send it back within the designated return window.

With a strong focus on circular economy and value recovery, Kimbrer Computer extends the life of used servers, storage, and networking equipment - products that all too often ends up as e-waste in landfills before their full potential is utilized. This is our way to ensure a green and sustainable development - for the benfit of both the environment and your bottom line.

With more than 25 years of experience in buying used enterprise IT equipment from businesses all over the world, Kimbrer Computer ensures a fast and effective turnaround time - from assessment to final payment - without compromising quality. We help you through the entire process and guarantee that your equipment will be properly handled by professionals.

Simply create a list of the equipment you want to sell. We need to know the number, make and model. For Cisco equipment, we need to know the WS number. You will usually receive a clear quote from us the same day. If you accept our offer, we make an appointment to collect your equipment. We register and test the equipment in our premises, after which you receive the report and a credit invoice. We pay credit invoices within 5 working days.

One point to consider when buying network equipment: Network settings in your old devices are an open door for hackers. IT-recycling is WEEELABEX-certified for testing and wiping network equipment. This means that our network equipment testing and wiping service meets the strict WEEELABEX standards. We are one of the very few companies in the Netherlands that can really reset all network equipment to factory settings. One less worry for you!

All Hula Networks pre-owned equipment is backed by Hula Networks Standard Warranty with Cisco Certified technicians available as needed. Both one and two year extended warranties are available on all pre-owned network equipment.

Hula stocks over $25 million in inventory of high demand pre-owned routers, switches, servers, network modules, Cisco memory, Juniper memory, optics, rack mounts and accessories from leading manufactures including Arista, Brocade, Cisco, Dell, HP, Juniper, Ixia, Smartbits and others. All products in stock are fully tested, packaged, and safely shipped to you overnight on demand.

In addition to the huge savings you enjoy when purchasing pre-owned, Cisco and Juniper equipment via Hula Networks Inc (up to 95% off the list price) you can also lower your total cost of ownership by purchasing "hot swappable spares" rather than costly maintenance contracts. Leverage your end-of-life or depreciated used routers, switches, or other used network equipment, simply sell networking equipment you've used to Hula Networks for cash, or as a trade-in for new newtworking equipment. Extend the life of your non-operational equipment with the help of our highly trained engineers offering board level repair services.

Sell your used IT equipment to us - we offer the best prices! Flux IT Hardware will buy back your used/decommissioned IT equipment, offering the best market prices and trade-in values in exchange for your used IT parts. We buy any data centre and enterprise-level networking equipment including servers, components, switches, routers, firewalls and other IT hardware from leading brands like Cisco HPE, NetApp, and Dell.

We will help you achieve maximum value back on your surplus IT and networking equipment. We aim to reuse and recycle as much equipment as possible which means less landfill and more money for your potential upgrades. We also offer WEEE disposals which means we are a single point of contact for all your surplus IT equipment.

Our hassle-free service is easy to use and we fully comply with the latest legislation and data security including WEEE disposals and data destruction. Regain working capital for your IT department by sending us a list of your equipment and we will provide a no-obligation quote. We cover all logistics costs with any purchase and offer fast payments via BACS.

But, you might be wondering where to sell network equipment? Our platform offers the best-in-market solutions to seamlessly trade your old network equipment that may have reached its end of life. We seek to maximize your ROI so that your business can always remain competitive. For optimum client satisfaction, we provide with hassle-free and effective selling experience.

The upfront financial incentive is only one of the many benefits to sell network equipment online. From helping you achieve the budget for newer equipment to freeing up space, there are numerous advantages. Some of the key reasons include:

You may have certain networking equipment in your infrastructure that does not contribute much value. You can choose to sell this unwanted or surplus equipment and recover value from it for financial gains.

Certain networking devices may have reached their end-of-life (EoL). Selling these obsolete equipment allows you to dispose it of properly, regain value, and replace it with newer and more sophisticated assets.

IT pickup is the best place if you are looking for options to sell used network equipment near me. We buy all kinds and brands of used networking equipment like TP-Link, Cisco, SAN switches, routers, modems, hubs, access points, etc.

You can determine the value of your equipment by checking its original price, the duration you have used it, working condition, and many other features which actually affect the value of your equipment. Call us and sell used networking equipment at the best possible price.

Our Cisco and VMware certified and qualified technicians help you to inspect the working condition of your used equipment and remove it as well. ItPickup is a great place to sell used network equipment near and around your area.

Today, we are announcing that we have signed a definitive agreement to acquire Metaswitch Networks, a leading provider of virtualized network software and voice, data and communications solutions for operators.

The convergence of cloud and communication networks presents a unique opportunity for Microsoft to serve operators globally via continued investment in Azure, adding additional depth to our hyperscale cloud infrastructure with the specialized software required to run virtualized communication functions, applications and networks. 041b061a72


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