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Your Academic Advisor

Undergraduate ASU students who have declared a major should select their advising center or college from the list below. Students can also find their academic advisor on My ASU in the Academic Support Team box for contact information or to make an appointment.

your academic advisor

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Use one of the two ways below to find out your academic advisor, who is typically assigned after your Orientation session. If you have declared your major, contact your major department to find out who your advisor is. Otherwise, contact University College at (910) 962-3245 or if you have not yet declared your major.

MissionAcademic Advising at Sinclair is a collaborative effort between advisors and students. Advisors empower all students to define educational and career goals, listen to concerns, ask questions, and equip students to make informed choices to achieve their goals.

Contact Academic AdvisingThe Academic Advising Center on the Dayton campus houses Advisors for each Career Community. To contact your Academic Advisor, call 937-512-3700. Students who seek advising at one of our other locations should contact them directly to be connected with an Academic Advisor.

The mission of the East Carolina University Academic Advising Collaborative is to guide, serve and support students by partnering with academic departments and support services, to promote diverse educational experiences, and to foster professional success and responsible citizenship.

The Student Advising Office has transitioned to a new queueing system named WaitWell. Online meetings are now conducted through Microsoft Teams. If you are meeting via a computer, you may access the virtual meeting through your web browser. If attempting to access the virtual meeting via smart phone, Microsoft Teams will need to be downloaded and can be accessed without a login. If you are having difficulties checking in to the system, please call 512-471-1553 or email

You should meet with your academic advisor at least once per semester to review your academic progress and receive important information and advice related to your studies and overall student experience. Schedule a planning session during the middle of the semester to avoid peak advising periods when advising time is in high demand due to registration.

We have launched a new appointment scheduling tool so that you may choose to schedule an in-person advising meeting or a virtual (Microsoft Teams) advising meeting. (Some advisors may offer only virtual meetings.)

To check in for scheduled appointment you may log on here or from the check-in kiosk at DMC 2.600 (when in-person services are available). If you schedule an in-person appointment, please arrive at DMC 2.600 before your appointment time. You will receive reminder emails one day and one hour before your scheduled appointment. You may schedule an advising appointment no less than 24 hours in advance.

Please be on time for your advising appointments, as the Student Advising Office enforces a ten-minute rule for scheduled appointments. If you are more than 10 minutes late, you may be asked to reschedule.

Non-Moody students who are interested in transferring into the Moody College and would like to meet with an academic advisor must attend an internal transfer information session before they may meet with the Internal Transfer advisor during their posted internal transfer advising hours.

The drop-in advisor may not be your assigned academic advisor. Drop-in advising should be used to answer quick, urgent questions and should not last more than 10-15 minutes. If the drop-in advisor feels you need more time, you may be directed to schedule an appointment with your assigned academic advisor. On certain days, drop-in advising will only be available via Zoom.

To see an advisor for drop-ins, you may log on here or from the check-in kiosk at DMC 2.600 or DMC 1.206 (when in-person services are available). After you join the queue, you will receive instructions through text, so please watch your phone!

Your academic advisor helps you understand your degree plan and makes recommendations on course selection each semester. At CSN, students are required to meet with their academic advisor at the completion of 15, 30, and 45 semester credit hours.

At CSN, Advising departments are designated based on your major. Health Sciences majors should visit -sciences for more information about advising. Not sure which majors fall under Health Sciences? Visit to see a list of our health programs.

The mission of Academic Advising is to foster the optimal student experience by providing exceptional guidance and assistance with academic planning through partnerships with our students, faculty, and staff.

Welcome to academic advising. UNLV currently has 12 academic advising centers on campus each with their own unique approach to working with their majors, as well as off-campus advising available at the College of Southern Nevada and Nellis Air Force Base. The executive director of academic advising at UNLV is responsible for the institutional objectives and general leadership of the academic advising centers on campus, as well as the promotion of the value and progress of academic advising at UNLV.

As a UNLV student, academic advising is required for all new students. Incoming freshmen will meet with their First-Year Advisor at New Student Orientation and incoming transfer students are required to schedule an individual advising appointment with their academic advising center. Establishing a relationship with an academic advisor ensures that you are meeting your specific degree requirements and accomplishing your personal academic goals. Have a look around and find answers to your questions. And remember, when in doubt, ask your academic advisor!

Students have access to a variety of meeting modalities. All academic advising units offer expanded availability during peak registration weeks and you can connect with academic advisors in any college during weekly open hours.

No matter where you are in your educational journey or what you have planned for your future, your team of advisors can help you get there. At LaGuardia, you will have an assigned academic advisor, a faculty mentor, and student peer advisors to provide support.

As you progress in your educational journey, you will have different questions. Each member of your team is an expert and we will work together to support you on your path toward graduation.

If you are having difficulties with registration or have registered but need to swap or drop a class, visit the in-person Registration Lab in C-126 or the Virtual Registration Lab Monday - Friday, 9am to 5pm. If you are a new student or have been readmitted to the college, you should meet with an academic advisor before you register.

When you think about transferring, think Transfer Services. They are here to guide you through your experience, whether you are transferring in or graduating and transferring out. Their goal is to engage, educate and empower you to make informed decisions about the transfer process. If you are transferring into LaGuardia, they will evaluate the credits you have earned. If you are transferring from LaGuardia to a four-year college, they will support you throughout the process to help ensure your success. Learn more about Transfer Services

LaGuardia offers various special programs for incoming students like you to broaden your educational experience, sharpen your academic skills, and provide additional academic/ personal support to ensure that you make it to graduation. This is the perfect time to explore your options. Check out the Special Programs page to see which one is the right fit for you.

The primary mission of the Academic ESL Program is to provide language instruction and support to students whose first language is not English so that they can succeed in accomplishing their educational goals at LaGuardia Community College. The Program has as its primary aim the teaching of academic writing and integrating into this instruction the other language skills of reading, listening, and speaking. Please email for additional information.

Log into MySuccess to see your assigned advisor and schedule an appointment online. Have a quick question? We have quick question advising options! You can also call 801-957-4978 or email for assistance. Also check out your resources for self-advising.

Please note that Microsoft Teams does not show accurate appointment availability. Appointments made through Teams will be canceled and you will need to reschedule through MySuccess or by contacting Academic Advising at or 801-957-4978.

It takes 1-2 days after Admission to SLCC for your MySuccess account to be created. Prospective students and students who are very recently admitted to the college should call the Academic Advising Front Desk to make an appointment.

*The Online Advisor email has been replaced to facilitate students contacting their assigned advisor directly. Please see Find Your Advisor by Program or General Studies to find your advisor's contact information.

Our advisors are available to help you create a roadmap of the classes you need to successfully complete your degree or certificate in order to transfer or enter the workforce. What can we help you with today?

Through your educational journey, advising may come in various forms. At Broward College, your assigned academic advisor shares the responsibility in helping you achieve your academic goals where you also play a critical role. Take control of your future by leveraging Navigate tools like:

The Office of Academic Advising aims to provide comprehensive services to enable you to take ownership of your education and make sound decisions and judgements that will further your academic and professional success. 041b061a72


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