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Buy Shell Corporation

These corporation buying lists change without notice. Unless otherwise noted, these aged corporations were incorporated by us and put on the shelf. These aged shelf companies for sale come with Certificates Of Good Standing from the state, Articles of Incorporation from the state, and one year of Registered Agent Services. All state fees are paid up to the renewal date of the Wyoming shelf corporation unless otherwise noted. If you choose to purchase a Corporate Binder the following will be included: 20 pre-printed stock or membership certificates, a corporate seal, and suggested meeting minutes. If you need other services see our other services here.

buy shell corporation

Our largest inventory of aged companies for sale are Wyoming aged shelf corporations and these include Public Record Address Service for the first year. We also have aged corporations for sale in the other states listed below. Corporate Binders are not included in our prices, they can be ordered for $100. Any changes made after an order is placed will incur a $100 change or restocking charge.

The most popular states to buy a shelf corporation in are Delaware, Nevada, Wyoming, Montana, and Texas. These states have one or more of the following features: favorable tax policies, privacy for buyers and sellers, low fees, or fewer regulations than other states. These features make it easier or more affordable to buy a shelf corporation in one of these states.

When it comes to securing asset protection quickly, accessing contracts or lease agreements without corporate history, or incorporating a company after doing business as a sole proprietor, utilizing a previously formed and seasoned aged shelf corporation can save significant time and money.

While aged shelf corporations are readily available for purchase online, it is absolutely crucial to know what to look for in a vendor, and what to avoid when buying an aged corporation. Follow the following guidelines to learn how to buy an aged shelf corporation.

Simply put, an aged shelf corporation is a company formed and metaphorically placed on the shelf to age. Not unlike a wine tucked safely away in the cellar to mature (and improve) over time, an aged corporation should have no activity beyond the maintenance of state fees to keep the company in good standing during its time on the shelf.

Aged shelf corporations have already been registered with the state they were formed in, with all Articles of Incorporation and bylaws detailing how the corporation will be governed in order. This means that the aged corporation can be purchased, all articles transferred, and a business bank account established within a single day.

In the case of a contractor who has operated as a sole proprietor for a number of years but now wishes to incorporate, choosing an aged shelf corporation that corresponds to the actual age of the company in question is key. Ensuring that the incorporation age and business age match can tip the scale favorably when it comes to securing potential customers.

Aged shelf corporations can be registered in any state as a foreign company doing business in that state. And no other state in the U.S. offers higher levels of business privacy than Wyoming when it comes to protecting assets.

4. The aged shelf corporation should come with Certificates of Good Standing and Certified Articles of Incorporation from the state, with all paperwork organized and ready for transfer in short order.

Wyoming Corporate Services, Inc. has an extensive inventory that includes shelf corporations that have been aged in 15 different states for up to 13 years. They have sold thousands of shelf corporations over the past 17 years, and are one of the only vendors in the U.S. to form and age these companies in multiple states.

Because of this, Wyoming is an ideal state to incorporate in. While Wyoming Corporate Services, Inc. has a significant inventory of shelf corporations formed and aged across the U.S., a large portion of their aged shelf corporations inventory were formed in Wyoming as this state has the best economic climate for business.

Aged shelf corporations can be beneficial in securing asset protection quickly, accessing contracts or lease agreements, and incorporating after doing business as a sole proprietor for a number of years.

Not all vendors of shelf corporations are equal. In order to safeguard against future liability, it is important to be wary of any vendor who cannot guarantee, in writing, that their inventory of shelf

  • No activity, debts or liabilitiesTax ID FreeWith no Tax ID the corporation cannot owe any taxes

  • Registered Agent ServiceIncluded until the renewal date of the company with the state

  • Articles of Formation or IncorporationCertified copies of the Articles of Incorporation and a thumb drive with an operating agreement and suggested meetings.

A shell corporation is a company with financial assets but no significant business activity. Shell corporations don't create products, hire employees, or generate revenue. Rather, they store money and engage in financial transactions. Shell corporations can be used for illegal purposes like money laundering or legitimate purposes like storing funds in the early stages of a startup.

Shell corporations are often created in tax havens. Tax havens are countries with few or no taxes on business, as well as laws against revealing banking information. By starting a shell company in a tax haven, a business can enjoy lower taxes and access to foreign markets.

The most common use for a shell company is to avoid taxes. This is known as tax avoidance or wealth defense. Companies offshore, or move part of their operations to another country, to take advantage of lower taxes and less regulation. As long as money held in a tax haven was earned in that country, this practice is legal.

Agencies known as registered agents set up shell corporations. These agents file paperwork and send fees to the company register on a business' behalf. Shell companies can register online or by phone, and fees range from a couple hundred to a few thousand dollars. These facts make them easy and cheap to create.

Registering a shell corporation requires little personal information. Often only the identities of the registered agent and the beneficial owner are needed. To mask ownership, a company can hire people known as nominee directors to file the paperwork under their name.

For even more anonymity, a shell corporation can register as a subsidiary of another shell corporation. This means that the shell company is officially owned by another shell corporation. Shell corporations can repeatedly layer in this way to create a high level of secrecy. When each subsidiary shell is in a different country, the owner is protected from investigation by any one country.

According to the research group Global Financial Integrity, the U.S. is the second easiest country to create a shell corporation in. With a U.S. shell company, foreigners can access the U.S. real estate market. In fact, a large amount of real estate in major U.S. cities is owned by shell corporations.

Creating a shell corporation could be a good decision for a business looking to grow its operations while limiting its tax burden. By operating in a country with low tax rates, a business can reach new markets and increase profits.

Individuals may create shell corporations to protect assets from lawsuits. If the shell company is in a country that doesn't enforce U.S. legal rulings, its funds cannot be seized. However, this practice is only legal if all required U.S. taxes are paid.

Although using shell corporations to offshore operations can be a good business move, it can also lead to bad publicity. Public opinion generally frowns upon moving jobs and profits out of the U.S. If customers find out about your shell corporation, you could see sales drop stateside.

While not necessarily illegal, using a shell company to hold personal assets exists in a legal gray area. Any income earned in the U.S. is subject to U.S. taxes. Hiding income from the IRS could result in civil or criminal penalties if discovered. The U.S. has increased regulation of tax evasion by requiring foreign banks to provide information on accounts held by U.S. citizens.

Storing personal assets in a shell company also only makes sense for people with a large amount of wealth from investments. Since employers report the income they pay employees to the IRS, earned income can't be hidden.

When considering a shell corporation, it's important to remember that anonymity isn't fail-safe. The Panama Papers scandal, for example, leaked over 11 million documents that revealed the owners of shell companies registered by the Panamanian law firm Mossack Fonseca. The Panama Papers implicated a number of government officials and public figures in crimes ranging from tax evasion to money laundering.

If you want to find out if a shell corporation is right for your business, talk with an experienced UpCounsel attorney to make sure you stay on the right side of the law. Click here to post on UpCounsel's marketplace of experienced business lawyers where you can find a top attorney with the exact expertise your business needs. UpCounsel only accepts the top 5% of lawyers from schools such as Harvard Law and Yale Law. UpCounsel lawyers have worked with or on behalf of companies like Google, Menlo Ventures, and Airbnb.

Representatives are available Monday through Friday from 6:00 AM to 5:00 PM Pacific Time, 9:00 AM to 8:00 PM Eastern. The companies are in their shell form prior to the issuance of any stock. Thus, this is not an offer to buy stock or securities. We do not offer a guarantee as to any particular benefit that will be realized by purchasing such a company. Please see our list of shelf companies and shelf LLCs below in Nevada, Wyoming and many other states and countries. 041b061a72


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