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Where To Buy Cellex C In Usa !FREE!

The Cellex-C skin care collection is a highly-effective vitamin C supplement range that can give your skin a generous dose of this key nutrient. Not an oral supplement, Cellex-C is applied directly to the complexion, where it can go to work protecting the skin cells and performing its other functions immediately. In addition to the signature vitamin C treatment, the Cellex-C skin care range also includes other formulas enriched with the nutrient. Shop the collection now!

where to buy cellex c in usa

Dr. Meisner and Dr. Michael Schnistky developed Cellex-C. In July of 1990 they received a patent for L-ascorbic acid, L-tyrosine, zinc sulphate at a low pH. Patent # 4,938,969. Between 1994 and 1995 through 1997 Dr. Pinnell was the spokesperson for Cellex-C. His son was the distributor for Cellex-C in some US states. In 1997 Caleel+Hayden won the rights to distribute Cellex-C in all the US states as well as international. At that time Dr. Pinnell developed SkinCeuticals. Dr.Pinnell was utilizing the Duke patent which was received in August of 1992. The Duke patent is only on L-ascorbic acid and a low pH promoting collagen production. The Duke patent is on an ingredient, not on a product formulation. SkinCeuticals products consist of L-ascorbic acid and zinc sulphate. The Duke patent is no longer listed anywhere on SkinCeuticals packaging or on their marketing materials. Dr. Mostafa Omar used to work with Dr. Meisner and Dr. Pinnell. When the divorce happened Dr. Omar continued to work with Dr. Pinnell. Dr.Omar is a scientist that helped to create SkinCeuticals, including the vitamin C creams. Dr.Omar recently broke off from Dr. Pinnell and SkinCeuticals. Dr. Omar now has his own skin care, very similar to SkinCeuticals called IS Clinical, Innovative Skincare. 041b061a72


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